Carl Straub


Mr. Carl Straub       PH:  324-2309 or (Cell)439-8492


Course Description:  Welcome to Health!  This semester-long, 0.5 credit course, is designed to enhance your knowledge of health issues and topics.  We will cover many areas associated with the importance and ability to live a long, healthy life.  Throughout this semester our objectives are we will have multiple projects, assignments, and assessments that will be geared toward helping us understand and prove an understanding of the material.


Curricular Materials:

We use the textbook, Comprehensive Health by G-W Publishers, Sanderson, Zelman, Lynch and Munsell and Hands on Health activities by Glencoe Health.


Bengal Expectations:


Be Responsible


  1. Bring to class every day and have ready to go in your seat, when the bell rings:
    1. Binder
    2. Paper
    3. Pencil or something to write with
    4. Any extra materials asked of you to bring to class that day
    5. Homework or other projects
  2. Sit in assigned seat when the bell rings
  3. Be prepared to not use your electronic devices unless directed to do so (see policy in student handbook). Put them away when the bell rings.  If you choose not to, if they are seen or heard, you will be asked to take them to the office.
  4. Complete bell work daily.


Be Involved:


  1. Participate!
  2. Do your homework, class work, and projects so that you turn them in on time and do not fall behind.
  3. Ask questions if something is unclear.
  4. Approach the teacher, use the website, and use your classmates appropriately when you are absent from class to find out what you missed and how to make it up.


Be Respectful:


  1. No profanity or disrespectful language aimed at your classmates, the teacher, or yourself.
  2. Maintain an open and unrestrictive learning environment.
  3. Do not use your electronic devices unless given permission to do so.
  4. Communicate appropriately with myself and others in class.
  5. Recognize that topics can be hard to discuss and therefore respect will be given to everyone’s opinions, questions, and appropriate stories when used.
    1. Classroom Discipline:
      1. 1st Offense: Verbal warning
      2. 2nd Offense: Discussion after class, call home
  • 3rd Offense: Student will be sent to the office on referral


Be a Graduate:


  1. Take pride in your education and the work you produce. Turn in assignments on time and completed.  All work must be completed to pass the class, if you don’t get the work done by the due date, you must still turn in the work to receive credit for completed work with a passing score.
  2. Pass the class! This is a required class to graduate, work hard to get through it the first time.
    1. Grade scale:
      1. 90-100 A

80-89               B

70-79               C

60-69               D

59 and below  F

  1. Your final grade will be determined on the total points for the class over both quarters.
  1. Recognize that support systems are available to help you succeed, use them when you need to.
  2. Get involved in your school and community. Check the board or ask me about options available to you.


Course Requirements:


Throughout the year there are different projects and engagement activities that we will be doing.  There are a couple of things that I will ask all students to do, some will be required, and others will be optional but strongly encouraged.


In the era of technology and educating 21st Century students, I will try and utilize technology as much as I can during this class to enhance the educational experience.  Students please be sure to review the technology use agreement in your student handbook and recognize the importance of appropriate use of technology in the classroom.  There will be days where you will be using Chromebooks in class, iPads, or your own personal devices to answer questions and participate in class.  While no one will be punished and alternatives will be available for those who do not have access to electronic devices, if a student misuses these devices the proper discipline will take place for the misuse.


Materials Needed:     Storage in a Binder

Loose-leaf notebook paper

1 Box Markers or Colored Pencils

1 Box of Kleenex

1-Set of Dry Erase Markers


Grading/Assignments:  In Health, we will utilize a total points system for determining your final grade.  While assignments have a due date, you must turn in late assignments for credit.  Work should be turned in teams first, only hand in hard copies if necessary. I do my best to have PowerSchool updated daily, but if you have questions about assignments, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Also, it is highly recommended that you keep assignments and tests when turned back to you in-case there is a question regarding a score or missing assignment.  Do not turn in work to a guest teacher!  Turn in on teams, or in person.


Scope and Sequence:

Here is a list and supporting materials used in addition to the class textbook.

Introduction to Health

Nutrition Unit

Brain Rules Unit (

Suicide Prevention (QPR Question Persuade Refer curriculum,

Mental Health Unit

Alcohol Unit

Drug Unit

Anti-Electronic Delivery Systems Unit (

Relationships Unit (Power Up Speak Out Curriculum,

Human Sexuality Unit (–resources)

Human Sexuality Notification! (District Policy 2016)

We will be doing our Human Sexuality Unit November 1st-17th, 2023.  You can find the Weekly Lesson Plans for those 3 weeks on my teacher page for your review.

First Aid/CPR/Outdoor Survival

Infectious Disease Unit


If you have any questions or wish to make time to come in and look at the materials, please let me know.  I look forward to a great semester.  As always, please feel free to contact me with questions.


Mr. Straub