Caitlin Webb


My name is Caitlin Webb and I’m the 7th grade Geography teacher on the Elkhorn team. I’ve been teaching at CR Anderson since 2019, and have been a teacher since 2012. Prior to teaching in Helena, I taught middle school in Dixon, MT, and Tacoma, WA.

I’m originally from Butte, and graduated from Butte High School. I then attended college at Pacific Lutheran University, where I received my undergraduate degree in Political Science and my Master’s degree in K-8 Education.

In my free time, I love hiking the hills around Helena, reading a good book, and hanging out with my two cats, Loki and Apollo. I also referee lacrosse in the spring.

What can I look forward to in Geography?

Students in 7th grade Geography explore the cultures, histories, and physical and political geographies of Europe, Asia, and Africa. They also learn the basics of world governments and major world religions.