Eric Peterson

Hello 2020 students!

Office Hours (Chat): Monday – Friday from 1:55 to 2:55

In addition to office hours, I will also be checking my email periodically through the school day. If you have a question on a certain problem(s), you can either wait until you are in class (A or B day) to ask it, or post the question on TEAMS, or lastly email it to me ( Remember this will be a learning process for everyone involved, including myself, so we need to be patient with one another, but please don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Our Teams page will be the main mode of communication this year. Feel free to “chat” with me if you have any questions. I will try and record all class periods so if you miss something you can go into Teams and watch the video of what was covered that day. Also, Moodle will be where all notes, video of notes, and assignments will be posted. Your class Moodle page can be found by clicking on the link in our Teams page.