Lauren Gustafson

Welcome to my staff page. My name is Lauren Gustafson and I am a second year social studies teacher in the district, here at HHS. I presently teach: AP Human Geography and World Cultures. Both freshman classes. I also coach one of the freshman girls volleyball teams with Ms. Kussler. Go Bengals.

The intent of this page is to offer a streamlined form of communication for parent(s) and guardian(s) of my students. While your teenagers are well apprised on daily and weekly happenings through our education platform, TEAMS, do not hesitate to request further information from me regarding their education plan in social studies. This will be a great venue to inform you and keep you updated regarding COVID related issues.  Therefore, please email me for direct questions and I will get back to you during the week in no less than a 24 hour turn-around (more than likely). You are welcome to contact me also, via phone, at ext. 2271.

Thank you for your time,

Mrs. Lauren E. Gustafson

Helena High School

Social Studies Department

Freshman ‘B’ Volleyball Coach