Mary Garman

Welcome to my Teacher Page!  As a Special Education teacher at CR Anderson Middle School, my classes are designed to help students who may need additional supports to make as much progress toward their Math and Reading goals as they can in the school year.

Read 180:  Read 180 is a very impressive curriculum that I love to teach!  Read 180 uses high-interest subject matter, software, and engaging media, as well as large and small group instruction to build on and improve reading confidence.  Progress in Read 180 is measured by a score called lexile.  Lexile refers to the complexity of text that a student can read and comprehend.  As a student’s word recognition, vocabulary, and comprehension skills develop, his/her lexile range will raise.  The curriculum also provides a library of high-interest independent reading material, where students can select books at their specific lexile, which is the best place for them to start building new skills.  A student’s lexile is determined through two Read 180 assessments.  The first is the Scholastic Phonics Inventory, which measures early reading skills.  The second is the Scholastic Reading Inventory, which assesses current lexile level.  These assessments will be available on a quarterly basis to help students track and see their own reading growth.   I truly look forward to another wonderful year of Read 180!

6th Grade Math Recovery:  This class follows the 6th Grade core curriculum, at a slower pace, with additional supports.  Students have daily access to SuccessMaker, a software based program that reinforces and builds on math skills.  We are also really pushing fluency and accuracy on basic math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Picking up flash cards in these operations, and spending 15 minutes every evening, a few days a week, reviewing math facts with your student, will be of great benefit to your student!  The STAR Math assessment has been completed to provide data about current skill levels, and will be repeated several times through the year to allow students and parents to track their math growth.