Monica Glueckert

Hello! and welcome to my page,

This year (2021-2022) will be my 5th year working as a school counselor here at Helena Middle School. I will be assigned to students in the 7th grade and students with the last names starting with M-Z in the 8th grade. I achieved my Master of Education degree in Counselor Education at MSU- Northern in 2016. Since 2012, I have been providing school based mental health services and in 2016, provided these services as a CSCT therapist. In this capacity I have worked towards my LCPC and gained extensive experience working with students struggling with various mental health symptoms.  In my time working in a school-based setting, I grew to love the school environment. I chose to be a school counselor because it gives me the opportunity to work with all students.

As a school counselor, my work with students will be within the following domains: social/emotional, academic and career. I will address these domains in the classroom setting, group or individually as needed. Students are referred to me to meet with individually by teachers, parents, or students themselves. The situations I work with take on a wide variety that range from: help with managing mental health symptoms, handling relationships with family and peers, or addressing academic concerns. I am also the 504 case manager for the students in my grade level.

My work with students and families comes from a holistic approach. I believe that each person within themselves has the capacity to overcome their life obstacles. I view my role as being a tool to help guide students while helping them achieve a greater sense of self and self-awareness. I am a strong believer in personal responsibility and encourage each individual to take responsibility for themselves, their success and their future. My relationship with each student is most important, and I have seen much growth take place within the counseling relationship alone.

I have grown up in Helena MT, and am honored to be a part of this community as a School Counselor. I am available to call by phone 406-324-1014 or by E mail at Please feel free to reach out with questions or concerns regarding your student or experience here at HMS.


Monica Glueckert