Andrew Mozer

I am very excited to be teaching at Jefferson Elementary again this year. This is my fifth year here and I am looking forward to teaching students PE every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Rules: With the chance for injury in PE, some rules are followed to keep safety a top priority

  1. General Space: Students are expected to share space and move safely in the gym.
  2. Respect: Students are expected to respect themselves, others, and the class equipment.
  3. Always try your hardest and do your best.

Clothing: I ask that parents and students talk to plan for the best attire to wear for PE. Clothing such as t-shirts and shorts help keep students cool during activities. Coats and sweatshirts will be asked to be taken off as to not hinder students during activity.

Proper shoes are very important. Tennis shoes are the best for participation in PE. I have seen heels, cowboy boots, dance shoes, flip flops, etc. Those are nice for a casual day, but have the potential to injure students in class by tripping, twisting ankles, toes being stepped on, or slipping. I ask that you please help students remember to dress to succeed in class.

If a student can not participate in PE for any reason, please send a note or contact me directly to create a plan.

Thank you all for the constant support over the years, have a great year.

Andrew Mozer