Dick McMahon

Social Studies 8 – U.S. History

Mr. McMahon

C.R. Anderson Middle School


Room 222


Course Summary:  This course is designed to provide students with learning tasks and opportunities to study American history from Manifest Destiny to the present.  Emphasis is placed on vocabulary, critical thinking, and interpretation of original documents as aligned to Montana state and Common Core Grade 8 standards. Through lecture, discussion, debate, role play, and simulations, students will participate in a variety of class activities to develop a better understanding of where the United States has been and key issues that have shaped its development.  It is important to note that students are expected to continually develop their writing skills through regular writing assignments.


Resources / Texts: TCI – History Alive! The United States Through Modern Times and various digitally delivered applications


Materials: Chromebook, pens and/or pencils, Highlighters, Colored Pencils, ear buds/headphones, 3-Ring Binder w/Class Notebook and Folder


How will students be assessed?

Classwork being both in class and homework will account for 30% of the student’s total grade.   Assessments in the form of tests, quizzes, writing assessments, and projects will account for the other 70%.  Grades are determined by dividing the total points you earned by the total that was possible with the appropriate weight for the two categories being assigned.  The grading scale will be 90-100 is an A, 80-89 is a B, 70-79 is a C, 60 –69 is a D, and 0-59 is a F.  Check your grades often to make sure you have everything in, and it is what you expect it to be



What can students do to raise their grade?

The goal in this Social Studies class is to ensure that students master the essential standards for the class, so any efforts to raise a student’s grade will have the same goal. The student should meet with the Mr. McMahon to arrange for reassessment.  Options include correcting assignments, enrichment, Test retakes.

  • Reassessments may be done within a week of the grade being posted to PowerSchool and IN PERSON.
  • Reassessments must be pre-arranged. I will not accept a reassessment without prior knowledge/arrangements.


What are the gradebook categories?

Classwork                                                                                                           30%

Assessments                                                                                         70%


  • Attendance: Please be here and be on time. The more time you spend in class the more I can teach you!
  • Participation: Since your active engagement in lessons will dramatically impact your learning, I expect you to be fully engaged throughout each lesson. I will do all I can to keep the lessons engaging, fast-paced, safe, and fun
  • Check PowerSchool, TEAMS, and the white board in my room every day, especially if you are absent.
  • Check Clever for the class weekly outline on Monday’s.
  • If you are gone, you are responsible for getting missed assignments and notes.
  • Reassess!!! Remember, you can show me that you have learned from your mistakes. Take advantage of this opportunity, meet with me, and reassess items that you struggled with.


Classroom Rules:

  1. Be responsible for yourself, respect others, and do your best!
  2. Bring materials to class every day: Chromebook, pencil, paper, binder, ear buds/headphones…
  3. Cellphones are turned off and put away.
  4. Non approved use of technology will have natural consequences; stay on task.
  5. No food (that includes candy) or beverages, other than water, should be brought into the classroom.
  6. I have ZERO TOLERANCE for harassment. Be nice/respectful toward one another and open to other viewpoints.
  7. I have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for cheating and plagiarism on written assessments and responses. Your job is to THINK for yourself,  LEARN for yourself, and PRESENT that knowledge in your own words.

It should be an AWESOME JOURNEY that WE get to take this year.

Thanks So Much,

Mr. McMahon