Lindsey Day

Dear Parent:

The purpose of this letter is to tell you about your child’s Elementary Physical Education Program at Bryant Elementary. Today’s P.E. is designed to turn on EVERY child to an active way of life, not just the athletically gifted. Physical Education is participation for every child. The P.E. program in our school touches and benefits every single boy and girl, and helps them feel good about themselves.

Even though I only see each of the classes two times a week, the students are offered a well-balanced P.E. program. During the course of the year, your child will experience many different activities taught through a variety of methods.

Physical Education is GAMES, RHYTHMS, SPORTS, FITNESS, BASIC SKILLS, MOVEMENT EDUCATION, AND FUN but at the same time the kids will be learning to SHARE, COOPERATE, PROBLEM SOLVE, ACT SAFELYUSE GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP and to RESPECT OTHERS. I feel P.E. should teach each child to respect and accept their own abilities and limitations, as well as those of others, and at the same time feel SUCCESS and CHALLENGE leading to a good self-concept that carries over into the classroom, playground, and into their social lives.

I invite you to come to the gym any day and visit your child’s P.E. class. I know you’ll enjoy watching the action, and maybe you’ll even feel like joining in for a while. If you are interested, please contact me.

I look forward to an exciting year with your child,


Lindsey Day