Maureen Tremblay

Welcome to Health Enhancement/Physical Education!

Instructor: Maureen Tremblay



I am new to Helena and Capital HS so I am looking forward to a great year with you all. I am a coach with the Capital girl’s cross country team and enjoy trail running and hiking. My favorite activities include mountain biking, camping, skiing, kayaking, and most everything outdoors. I love participating in sports- so I am excited to work with you this year on having fun in activity and fitness. I think it is important to focus on all aspects of wellness, including mental and emotional health, goal setting & activity, and lifelong fitness. Go Bruins! 


Contact: All class communication should go through Microsoft Teams. Please use the chat or call features to contact me if you need anything. If needed, my office desk phone number is 406-632-4201. 


Physical Education Goals: Active participation and engagement in the class will prepare you for the following outcomes.

  1. Develop the skills to be healthy and active during high school for lifelong wellness.
  2. Understand and apply wellness components to your daily life. 
  3. Care for yourself and others mentally, emotionally, and physically. 
  4. Develop personal wellness goals to impact your daily habits and activities. 
  5. Build positive relationships with classmates to support each person’s ability and skill level.


Helena Public Schools- Critical Competencies of Physical Education

  • Students will be able to understand the 5 components of fitness
  • Self-test, understand & interpret personal fitness status related to cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength & endurance, flexibility & body composition
  • Demonstrate individual progress toward each component of health-related physical fitness
  • Assess an individual program to improve upon the five components of health-related physical fitness
  • Design an appropriate personal fitness program that enables them to achieve and/or maintain desired levels of fitness.


Class Rules & Expectations

  • Be Responsible
  1. Be on time and prepared for class with active wear and appropriate shoes.
  2. Remain fully engaged in the activity while in class.
  3. Prioritize the safety of yourself and others.
  • Be Respectful
  1. Treat everyone in class with respect, including classmates, teachers, and presenters.
  2. Use all equipment and resources with care. Report any issues or broken equipment immediately.
  3. Use appropriate language.
  • Be a Graduate
  1. Be an active participant and fully engaged with each lesson.
  2. Be proactive with assignments and work. Communicate early for any missed work and make-up assignments.
  3. Commit to implementing activity and wellness in your daily routine.


Physical education is based on participation and consistent engagement in class activities. I expect to see improvement in fitness, understanding of wellness, and commitment to personal goals. Students who display consistent effort and a positive attitude will be successful in this course.