Zach Harris

Dear Students, Parents, & Guardians,

Welcome to the first day of online learning and content!Β  As this is a new experience for all of us, we will move slowly and steadily together.

The biggest announcement is that MHSA has postponed all events until at least April 13th.Β  This obviously will include District Music Festival.Β  At this time the other music teachers and myself are unsure if or when it will be rescheduled.Β  We will forward any information on as soon as we know more.

Below are access codes for Remind for students and parents.Β  Students if you are in multiple orchestras, please sign-up for each, as they will contain different messages and content.Β  I ask that all students sign-up at this time, and promise to keep notifications to a minimum!

HHS Chamber Orchestra

HHS Concert Orchestra

Students, please reach out to any/all orchestra members and ask them to come to my teacher page and sign up for Remind.

On Thursday, I will be posting assignments for the next 2 weeks.Β  These assignments will include Listening and discussion of online performances, practice logs,Β musictheory.netΒ assignments, and hopefully an online rehearsal.

I will be utilizing the following online platforms:

Teams – please use your school login to access

Moodle – Login details to follow

Edpuzzle – Login details to follow

Berlin Philharmoniker – Please sign-up for the free 30 day voucher following the link below:

Met Opera – There will be free nightly performances beginning at 7:30 pm EST

More info to follow!!!

Stay safe, and feel free to reach out with questions/concerns,

Mr. Harris