Greg Trenary

Hi, my name is Mr. Trenary. I am one of seven Physical Education Teachers at Capital High School. I teach Freshmen, Sophomores, Personal Wellness and Weight Training. Welcome to my Web page.

Health Limitations & Accommodations

  • In the event that you are limited in your ability to participate in physical education class, documentation from your doctor or health care provider is required.
  • Please feel free to speak with me about any concerns you may have.

PE Dress Code

  • We dress out for all physical education classes.
  • We want you to have different clothes for PE than what you wear for school.
  • Please have shoes that can be tied and will not mark the gym floor.
  • Proper tee shirts or sweat shirts need to have sleeves. Shirts can be short sleeved but not sleeveless. No muscle shirts please.
  • Please wear proper shorts or sweat pants.