Yvonne Sebastian

Hello Students and Parents!

Only 2 weeks left! Hang in there. You are almost done. This is the last week of graded work for my classes. All late work is due by Friday, June 4th, 2021.

DLI expectations

DLI students will need to log into class at the beginning of each block. This is a change for DLI students and will add a layer of accountability. Attendance will be recorded and a phone call for absence will be generated if a DLI student does not log in to class. Individual teachers can decide the duration of the live, synchronous participation. Some classes will need to have DLI students live for lectures, examples/demonstrations, guided practice, or other lesson needs. Once that portion of the lesson is complete, the DLI students can be dismissed to work on the assignment. There is time built into the end of the day for individual DLI/remote student connection or Q/A. Live, synchronous lessons will not be recorded

READ the agenda every day for lesson videos, assignments, and quizzes.

My expectations are that you first watch the lesson video for a section, secondly do the assignment for the section, and finally, take the quiz for the section(s). Ask questions if you have them.

Updated 5/30/2021

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.